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53 - Kids Who Don't Enjoy Learning: What To Do

October 12, 2022 Dr. Victoria Waller Season 1 Episode 53
Parenting Decoded
53 - Kids Who Don't Enjoy Learning: What To Do
Show Notes

When you have a child who refuses to read or is delayed in their reading compared to their peers it can be a very stressful time for parents as we try to navigate the what-to-dos and the why-is this-happening-to-my-child thoughts that constantly run through our minds.  The same stress can hit us when our kids don’t want to write and then again if they start falling into the “I hate school” mode which really tears us up. 

Having learning differences can contribute heavily to this stressful time but knowing what to do and what resources you can employ in your home and in child’s school environment can make a huge difference. 

This is why I’ve interviewed Dr. Victoria Waller on this podcast, to provide you with ideas for getting to those resources that your child needs. She’s recently released her book YES! Your Child Can: Creating Success for Children with Learning Differences in which she’s poured her 40 years of experience working with and studying learning differences in children.  It’s an invaluable resource and I want you to all know about it. 

Take a listen to hear amazing ideas of how to creatively activate the passions of our kids to ignite their abilities to learn.  Also find out how to engage teachers and tutors to help leverage those passions to get your child onto a path of success.

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