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55 - Managing Screens Using Aro

January 25, 2023 Heath Wilson, Aro Season 1 Episode 55
Parenting Decoded
55 - Managing Screens Using Aro
Show Notes

Listen to Heath Wilson, co-founder of Aro, talk about their innovative technology that helps families develop good screen habits in a positive and fun way. 

There's a smart tech "box" to hold your devices when families decide to have non-tech time and an app that will track how long technology has been in the box.  It's the complete opposite of our normal "get off your device" that many families fight about now,! This is more like: "hey, how fun to see how long you been off your device" twist! 

You can use the app to have contests with both adults and kids and even track what you were doing while your devices have been in the box.  So cool! 

Here's a link :  GOARO.COM

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