Parenting Decoded

22 - Gratitude vs. Entitlement

November 19, 2020 Season 1 Episode 22
Parenting Decoded
22 - Gratitude vs. Entitlement
Show Notes

Kids are self-centered from the get-go, no doubt about it. We have to teach them to be grateful for all that they have, all that we give them.  But, how on earth do we do that when there's so much taking and so little giving going on around us? 
First, I want to talk about entitlement – what it is and how it can grow out of control.  Then I’ll go over ideas on how to nurture an attitude of gratitude in your home.

Beware of these entitlement issues in your home:
1.    Giving instant gratification

2.    Rewards are expected­

3.    Boundaries are not respected

4.    Life is supposed to be “Fair”

5.    Providing constant entertainment

Try some of these ideas on how to grow an attitude of gratitude instead: 

  1. Stop complaining
  2. Reframe things in the positive 
  3. Teach delayed gratification
  4. Teach the value of hard work
  5. Set healthy boundaries and say NO
  6. Teach kids about money
  7. Do a charity project
  8. Expand your family's cultural experiences
  9. Practice acts of kindness
  10. Use gratitude in your daily conversations
  11. Don't give rewards all the time
  12. Limit gifts
  13. Donate
  14. Write Thank You Notes