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27 - Anger Management for Parents SEMINAR

March 04, 2021 Season 1 Episode 27
Parenting Decoded
27 - Anger Management for Parents SEMINAR
Show Notes

This is the audio version of my online seminar which is also available on my YouTube Channel, Parenting Decoded.  There is also a  YouTube link to this seminar if you'd like to see all the slides that go along with this presentation.  YouTube LINK 

In this expanded conversation we go over tips to handle our anger that is triggered by our children and family situations.  
The most important of these is setting up a RELATIONSHIP SAFETY TEAM. 
#1 - YOU
#2 - Your Spouse or Partner
#3 - Your Children

In each area we talk about how to use the Team Members to optimize communication in our homes.  It is good COMMUNICATION that will make all the difference in your homes.  Each Team Member can help make this happen.

#1 - YOU

  • Start to recognize when your anger is coming on and how to stay out of Fight or Flight mode.
  • Use Brain Dead so you DON'T engage when kids are annoying
  • Separate if you have to
  • Learn a few mindfulness techniques or get mindfulness apps on your phone
  • If you really can't get your anger under control, consider seeking professional help

#2 - Your Spouse or Partner

  • Develop verbal signals to help signal that you are needing help with anger
  • Develop non-verbal signals as well by using physical queues or touch
  • Help set up Calm Down options 
  • Make sure each partner has "Me Time" to recharge

#3 - Your Children

  • Set up verbal and non-verbal signals for your kids to use with you
  • Hold regular FAMILY MEETINGS to discuss sensitive topics
  • Model problem solving skills to show how communication about things that bother us helps to keep anger and resentment under control

Use other techniques to prevent anger triggers from happening:

  • Setting Loving Limits - set up what YOU will do for your kids in a loving and positive manner
  • Choices - use them A LOT!!!  Give our kids as much control over things you don't care about
  • Problem Solving - let kids make mistakes with love and empathy

BOTTOMLINE: Communication is going to make a HUGE difference in your parenting journey. 

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