Parenting Decoded

31 - Sibling Competition - How Everyone Can Win!

April 22, 2021 Season 1 Episode 31
Parenting Decoded
31 - Sibling Competition - How Everyone Can Win!
Show Notes

Do you have kids who are always running to the car and saying: “I’m first!”?  Or maybe they argue over who mom or dad reads to first at night?  How about who gets to sit where at the dinner table?  Or who does dad pour the catsup on French fries first?  I know my boys would have a battle each time we got into an elevator over who gets to push the buttons.  It’s exhausting, isn’t it?  You might even say it “drains your energy” if you’re a Love and Logic parent. 
 In this podcast I want to help you turn that constant bickering into an opportunity for modeling cooperation and fairness.  You'll learn to use a problem solving method with your kids that allows everyone to have a say in how things that were once competitions can become fair and equitable situations. 

You'll learn:
Step 1 - how to set up a Family Meeting
Step 2 - how to start the Family Meeting
Step 3 - How to brainstorm ideas of what possible solutions there could be
Step 4 - How to select which idea you'll experiment with first
Step 5 - Run the experiment
Step 6 - Review the results and revise ideas for another round of experiments
Step 7 - Celebrate a win!

By modeling these problem solving steps together as a family your children will learn that it's possible to come up with solutions and that the best solutions take time and effort to come to.